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This site is an extension of 2 other sites that I have. The purpose of this site is to show off my portfolio of drawings.

In 2008 I began doing a drawing a day with the intent of getting into the habit of drawing everyday. I begin each set in January and end in December. They are intended to be viewed as sketches, some are fleshed out considerably more than others.

These are pencil, ink, prisma color and then finished with ink. The colors online are a bit brighter than the originals, but I like it that way. Most of the originals are done on 80# text with a slight tooth 12 x 12 inches. There are some on nicer paper and illustration boards. I have numbered them so that they can be viewed in the order they were done. If you are in my life, you can pick out certain images that were done from our time together. Those not familiar with my work hopefully will enjoy the ride. I develop my dreams, aspirations and beliefs and an attempt to flesh out characters in a book I am writing, into a design that is not a photographic representation but a believable reality, at least to me. And besides, I am having loads of fun doing them.

I show locally and invite anyone interested in the arts to join us in the Canadian Valley Art Guild monthly meetings. We meet every 2nd Tuesday, except for June, July and August and December at the 1st Methodist Church, 400 Elm Street at 7:00 p.m. in Yukon, Oklahoma. We host artist demos by some of the premier local artist.

The themes of this set range from an artist/wizard experiencing many of life's trials and triumphs, albeit sometimes of another reality than we live in. Then there are the images that are totally an experiment. I am attempting to introduce a new image or a new order in an established scene I have worked out. But, still each is an experiment often inspired by those I live with daily.

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